We work with clients as partners in planning, managing and securing their financial lives. We place our fiduciary duty towards our clients at the top of our corporate goals and invest the capital entrusted to us with the same care with which we invest our own capital. We strive to achieve excellent long-term results and to offer excellent customer service to existing and new customers.

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Our task

GA Real Estate finances directly in private sector projects and thus makes a structural contribution to the socio-economic growth of these host countries. His mandate requires strict criteria in terms of geographic goals, financial instruments and, above all, developmental effects. In developing countries, the informal economy is evidence of great dynamism. However, access to long-term finance and capital, without which businesses cannot grow, is limited or impossible for a large part of the population. In fact, the banking system is often not tailored to the needs of small business owners and does not allow the creation of income-generating activities. Support from the private sector is therefore an essential link in the development cooperation chain as it drives economic growth. By producing goods and services, local businesses are helping to improve people’s living standards, accelerate technological development and lower prices by boosting competition and increasing the country’s tax base, which is used to finance infrastructure, Education and health is essential.


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